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This page is about an unreleased game. A working prototype which is playable is available, but it is far from what to expect in the finished product. If you understand that and still want to play the early-stage demo, clik the link below.
An alien amoeba came to take over the earth! The huge wobbly lifeform manipulates earth's amoebas, turning them into vicious clumps. While hurting the residents, those amoebas are actually suffering for being globbed together into those clumps. It is your duty to save the earth and the amoebas! Shoot! Blast the clumps to release them back into their nature as protozoas!

komik ProtoBlast

A comic of the story is available at http://i-n-o-e.ngomik.com
Language: Indonesian
Proto Blast
Proto Blast Icon
Version: Proto Project 0.1
Platform: Web (HTML5)
Development status: early stage (demo available)
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